Gobbi 1842

A history that is renewed minute after minute.

In 1842 Raimondo Gobbi, a lover of horology, opened his workshop in Modena, under the Loggia of the Collegio San Carlo. The business was carried on with such competence and commitment that already ten years later, in 1852, the Grand Duke allowed him to boast of the qualification “Clockmaker to the Royal Court”. At the time the sales and assistance regarded pocket watches and pendulum clocks. His youngest son, Giuseppe, helped with his technical skills to develop the firm and in 1896 he moved to Milan, opening a workshop in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. His granddaughter Adriana married Luigi Pozzolini, of Tuscan origin, an enterprising representative of clock brands, who took over the management. The great-grandsons Aldo and Gastone worked in the business from the early 1930s onwards, making the shop a leader in Italy in sales of Swiss clocks and watches and later adding goldsmithing and jewellery.
The first workshop was destroyed during the last war. On 4 September 1949 the current shop was inaugurated, and still today it has the original furnishings of the time. On the upper floor there is also an assistance laboratory. Currently the business is managed by Luca Pozzolini Gobbi, Gastone’s son, and by his daughter Serena.
With more than 170 years of history, the GOBBI firm can today affirm with pride that it has served its customers’ families for six generations, remaining always faithful to the principle of never sacrificing quality for ephemeral successes and ensuring always the maximum seriousness and competence, in the conviction that behind a top-quality clock or watch there are not only perfect mechanisms, but also a service just as precise and punctual.