Small suggestions

If we devote a little attention to our jewels, they will stay shiny and brilliant for a long time.
Attention to contact with detergents, perfumes and creams!
Soap can leave residues that can accumulate over time making the mount lose its brilliance.
Precious stones, and pearls in particular, tend to be very sensitive to detergents and perfumes, which can alter their lustre and ruin them.
It is always a good idea, therefore, to take great care and remove rings before using creams or washing your hands.
At least once a month it is advisable to wash the jewels in warm water with a delicate liquid detergent and a soft brush.
Finally you need to remember to have your gems checked regularly by your trusted jeweller, to ensure that the mount is all right, the prongs not worn or raised and the stones very firm.

Particular attention should also be paid to pearls. Their organic nature, in fact, makes them susceptible to changes and to ageing and they may become opaque and crack if exposed to environments that are too damp or too dry. Pearls must be worn often because they need human warmth to maintain their lustre. If they are threaded in a necklace or a bracelet, the thread needs to be changed frequently because it absorbs the acidity of the pearls and may cause the gems to deteriorate. Before putting them away it is better to clean them with a soft cloth possibly dampened with a drop of olive oil, which hydrates them and increases their splendour. The last precaution will be to conserve them separately from other gems, which could scratch them or damage their surface.

Fred Samuel was born in Buenos Aires in 1908, as the son of a Lorraine jeweler who emigrated to Argentina. He spent most of his professional life in Paris, but the South America lights were with him, inspiring every labor element of his the life.
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