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Gobbi Creating Memories | Pietro D’Anzi

Describe yourself with three words. 
Imaginative but pragmatic, determined.

How do you express yourself through your look?
Imagine a world where everyone is basically dressed alike: my world is often that way. Therefore, you have to make an effort to focus on small details and be occasionally bold.

How do you choose a watch for an everyday outfit? And for a special occasion?
Time is important, and my choice of watch is never by chance. I prefer iconic timeless pieces with refined mechanical movements able to reinterpret ancient elements and solutions in a contemporary way.  Of course, sometimes you have to be more daring and wear a super sporty watch with classic apparel. Above all, the watch you wear must express your mood: classic and elegant, colorful and sporty.

The spiral is a symbol of the cycle of life, expansion and development: what has been your latest important achievement? 

I’m proud to see my children grow up and their approach to life. From a professional perspective, I’m very proud of my challenging new job at Banca Progetto: a new financial institution founded at a time of profound transformation of the Italian banking sector that is quickly becoming a major player in the credit market for families and businesses.

To whom would you give a jewel from the Fairytale collection?
Definitely my wife. They are beautiful, very original jewels that are immune to passing time and fashion fads.

How has Gobbi helped create an unforgettable moment? 
Gobbi has accompanied me in different moments of my life that were not always tied to special occasions. But advice from Gobbi, his kindness and helpfulness, and his ability to make you feel like a special customer have always been a determining factor.

A special location in Milan? 
The special location – for someone like me who’s always traveling – is Milan, a city that always reinvents itself. It goes from the Piazza Gae Aulenti skyline that’s almost like New York to the unknown 19th century corners of the Navigli district. It is a vibrant, future-oriented city that is an example of the importance of speed, integration and planning.

Do you prefer Milan in the morning, afternoon or evening?
In the morning, when it’s dynamic and busy.