Bottega Storica di Milano

Gobbi 1842 has been awarded the title of  “Bottega Storica” ( “Historic workshop of Milan”) by the City of Milan: a prestigious title given to important companies which have operated for over 50 years and symbolize Milanese history,  style and tradition. The “Botteghe storiche” have been defined as an “important element for memory, precious account of culture and tradition, cultural heritage of the City”.

Negozio Storico Regione Veneto

The certificate awarded by the Lombardy Region includes GOBBI 1842 among the historic shops which has operated at least 50 years of high-quality service in our cities.

155th Anniversary

Plaque celebrating the 155th Anniversary of Gobbi, 1842, 1997.

Associazione Orafa Lombarda

The Goldsmiths’ Association Lombarda was born on October 18, 1945. It is an association of more than four hundred companies in Lombardy, Gobbi 1842 included.