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Gobbi Creating Memories | Federico Baroc

Describe yourself with three words.
Persevering, disciplined, dreamer.

How do you express yourself through your look?
I love to dress in an elegant, classic way. I have only blue suits and white shirts in my closet: I prefer wearing them with cufflinks, which I love. And I only wear black shoes with these suits. In my private life, a suit is always a must: the only accessory I do without is a tie.

How do you choose a watch for an everyday outfit? And for a special occasion?
The choice of a watch is never random. Since I am a collector and fan of timepieces, I try to change it at least once a week.
I think the watch is a brilliant, prestigious object that must be treated with extreme care. Even after many years, my watches always look like new, as if worn for the very first time. Every watch I wear reminds me of important moments and emotions and unique memories.

The spiral is a symbol of the cycle of life, of expansion and development: what has been your latest important achievement?
I’m a Private Banker, and reaching the top ranks in the bank where I work has been a very satisfying journey that lasted 15 years. Nevertheless, I have one major flaw: when I reach an objective, I never stop to enjoy it but am eager to throw myself into a new challenge to attain new achievements.

To whom would you give a jewel from the Fairytale collection?
To myself: I’ve always been a fan and collector of cufflinks. I consider them a stylish accessory, a symbol of elegance and refinement that distinguishes any man. Moreover, Serena’s design – decorated with precious stones and materials — characterizes each element of the collection and makes it unique.

How has Gobbi 1842 helped you create an unforgettable moment?
Gobbi has always stood for quality and great professionalism. I’ve always been happily assisted with care and courtesy by all members of the Gobbi family, who have always advised me and helped me choose an item. On one occasion, I recall them suggesting a different model than the one I was originally interested in. Today I can say that I am totally satisfied with the choice made.

Do you have a special place in Milan?
Thanks to its spectacular view of the Milan skyline, Radio Rooftop of Me Milan Il Duca managed by my friend Alessandro Misani is an exceptional place for relaxing after an intense work day where you can sip excellent Gin Tonics prepared by the expert bartenders.

Do you prefer Milan in the morning, afternoon or evening?
Milan at night. It’s the moment when I feel most alive, vibrant and dynamic. I like to relax at dinner with friends or go clubbing in the coolest spots downtown.