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Gobbi Creating Memories | Francesca Chelli

Describe yourself with three words
Open-minded, creative, determined.

How do you express yourself through your look?
I have always had a passion for fashion, studying different outfits that express who I am.My work is closely tied to the fashion world and has brought me, among other things, to give a speech on style at Bocconi University before a group of top managers from important companies. When I create my looks I want to have fun, but elegance is always a recurrent theme that accompanies my choices, even when I have a sporty-casual look. I love to be bold, combining different colors. I often start with an accessory and then I develop the whole look, which is the result of a moment of inspiration and an expression of my personality. It is a way to convey a mood through a recurrent style. 

How do you choose a watch for an everyday outfit? And for a special occasion?
I have always loved important watches like Rolex and Patek Philippe, but I do not feel compelled to coordinate them with a certain look. Instead, I like to wear a sporty outfit with an ultra-elegant watch or pair a steel watch with an elegant dress.

The spiral is a symbol of the cycle of life, expansion and development: what has been your latest important achievement?
From a professional perspective, I followed a very traditional path. After graduating from Bocconi University, I started a managerial career, which led me to the position of General Manager at Nespresso Italia. I introduced the brand by launching the Boutique concept in 1999. My greatest achievement is being able to arrive at important milestones with the support of my family, which has never been put in second place. I am satisfied on both a personal and professional level, and today my new adventure makes me even more complete. My Style Notebook, which started as an amusing pastime, lets me express myself completely. Through my social media and online magazine I share lifestyle tips for everyday and special occasions with ideas based on iconic brands. The desire is to inspire, share emotions and experiences with my readers.

To whom would you give a jewel from the Fairytale collection?
To myself. I love jewels: they are objects that represent an artistic expression. They show feelings and simultaneously express a look. I wear jewelry as much as possible: it’s like Linus’s blanket and I need it with me. Jewelry makes me feel good at that moment and it evokes a sentiment tied to memories and recollections. The name of the Fairytale collection makes an immediate impact: it expresses magic and an idea that opens doors to a world able to go beyond everyday life. The spiral motif and its roundness are contemporary. Serena’s jewels can be worn on any occasion, from the most fashionable social event to meeting friends for coffee.

How has Gobbi 1842 helped you create an unforgettable moment?
Two important moments of my life are intrinsically tied to the Gobbi maison. The first was when I graduated from university and received a wonderful Rolex with a silver-colored dial and the hours marked with diamonds as a gift from my parents. This watch is still a beautiful memory of my mother. The second is tied to a wedding anniversary celebrated in New York. It is a special gift from my husband that I went to pick up personally before leaving on our trip. Serena’s staff always welcomes me in a friendly, professional way: they offer a human factor that is very important and memorable.

Do you have a special place in Milan?
I love Milan. I’m also a traveler, but I always love coming back. I lived abroad and always felt nostalgia for Milan when I had been away from the city for too long. In recent years Milan has changed a lot. There are precise places that let you experience moments of friendship and excitement. Each area has its little familiar spots: from the more modern zones of Gae Aulenti to the narrow streets of Cinque Vie. My favorite place is Bianchi Caffè Florist on Via Montebello.

Do you prefer Milan in the morning, afternoon or evening?
I love the city at any time of day and in every season. I even appreciate my city in winter when it is swathed in fog, which creates the most romantic atmosphere. Another highly anticipated moment is Orticola, the market/expo dedicated to the botanical world in the Indro Montanelli public garden, where you can discover unusual plants, participate in workshops, and where many botanical events are the order of the day. A historical moment for this city was the celebration for the 150th anniversary of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.