For the watch to be preserved over time it is necessary for it to undergo regular reconditioning. Usually a complete overhaul is recommended every 4 years, in order to clean the mechanism and check its operation. In particular, a complete overhaul entails:

– A careful initial examination of all the components of the watch, as regards both the movement and the attire (case, bracelet, glass, bezel, face and hands), to determine the actions necessary
Dismantling of the watch. The bracelet is separated from the case, the moving parts are removed and the case is dismantled
– Total removal of the mechanism
Washing the moving parts with ultrasound in specific solutions
Analysis of components and replacement of worn ones, or ones not compliant with the quality standards, with original replacement parts
Assembly and lubrication of components with specific lubricants in order to reduce to a minimum the attrition and wear
Finishing of case and strap with possible polishing and satinisation, if necessary
Assembly of case and mechanism replacing the seals – necessary adjustments, with the aid of specific electronic equipment
Impermeability tests at different pressures, observing the technical specifications of the watch
Final controls, namely the charge reserve, precision and aesthetic aspect. Following each complete overhaul a guarantee is issued.