Our advices

A watch, especially if made in a workmanlike manner, is a small technical marvel.
It uses very small and delicate components and for this reason you are advised to handle it with care and to protect it against knocks and extreme situations. It is subject to the movements of the body, to dust, to atmospheric agents, and its resistance is tested to the limit every day. Some watches, certainly, are more resistant than others. Some are waterproof, others need greater care.

All, however, work twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year: a little wear is inevitable.
For it to keep time in an optimal and precise manner, as well as staying waterproof, a watch must undergo regular maintenance work.

Buying a watch

Always and only buy from an authorised dealer: this is the best guarantee to be sure of making a good purchase.
Only an authorised dealer, in fact:

  • is capable of advising you and guiding you as well as possible;
  • can show you a complete assortment, which will enable you to choose the model most suitable for you;
  • can cover your watch with the Manufacturer’s original guarantee;
  • can guarantee you against the risk of purchasing a used watch reconditioned and with a non-original mechanism

What use do you intend to make of your watch?

Today’s dynamic life is not comparable with the one that our grandparents lived. The same is true for that of your watch. In brief, it can also feel stress. While in fact once it was mainly kept in a pocket, sheltered, today instead it is subject to the movements of the wrist, to dust, to damp, to cold and to heat; not to forget the sudden jumps in temperature and environment it can suffer at the sea, in the mountains, during flights or sporting exercises.
In all these situations, the resistance and precision of your watch are sorely tested. For every occasion there is a suitable watch, and a good watchmaker must indicate to you the right one.

Some advice

In the event of faults, don’t entrust it to inexpert hands but always choose your trusted dealer. Wind the watch up if possible at the same time every day, but only once and completely. Don’t wind up a mechanical watch beyond its stopping point. Carefully avoid knocking or dropping it, as this can compromise its delicate mechanism. Avoid contact with perfumes and other chemicals that can oxidise the delicate mechanism.. Several factors such as temperature changes, the personal way of using it, the quality of the materials and the greater or lesser care with which the mechanical parts have been finished affect the precision which, in an absolute sense, is not obtained even by observatory chronometers.. Immediately replace broken or scratched glass so as to avoid infiltrations of water or dust. Avoid opening the watch yourselves. The oils contained in the mechanism tend to dry and volatilise. A total overhaul of the watch is therefore recommended every 3-4 years, so that the specialised technician can check the lubrication of the mechanism and the condition of the seals.