Serena Gobbi – Fairytale, a priceless fable for you to wear

Serena Gobbi

a priceless fable for you to wear

For Serena Gobbi, fairy tales aren’t just once upon a time, she wants every day to have its fable. That’s why she created Fairytale, a collection that looks forward to a new future but inspired by her roots.

In this collection, Serena was inspired by the spiral, an iconic vital form that embodies many things for her: a perfect watch movement, six generations of her family history, and the graphic expression of the genetic heritage we call DNA, part of every human being. The spiral is thus the thread that binds together the collection in a movement as light as the steps of a dance, a slender yet unwavering coiled spring that conjures up the passing of time like a delicate watch mechanism, and DNA that unfolds as perfect as it is mysterious, and in the case of the Gobbi family a successful combination of experience and curiosity that has always been their guide.

A design elevated by precious materials and stones, characterizing every item in the collection, form earrings to bracelets, necklaces to rings. When worn, the jewellery evokes an ethereal fantasy world of swirling ballgowns in a dance that could go on forever. Fairytale is a fable for every day of your life.