Time Boxes

The Scatola del Tempo (Time Box) derives from the intention and resourcefulness of a collector, Sandro Colarieti, who, while searching for a watch case of the same quality of the models in his possession, could only make one himself, using skilful artisans and materials of the very highest quality. This is an object designed with profound knowledge of what it is destined to contain, made entirely by hand by the best artisans, using the best leathers and the finest silks, proposing in all its models innovative technical solutions combined with taste and refinement. In the production cycle everything starts from the structured internal templates, in the dimensions and measurements, so as to be suited to almost all watches on sale today, making it possible to transport them without useless constrictions, but also without dangerous shocks. Naturally each template is covered first by an absorbent material and then by a soft silk fabric. The idea of rotary watch winders came up in 1990. These are rotating watch cases, designed to ensure that automatic watches are wound up, so as to keep not only the time indication, but also the date, a non-negligible element for example in perpetual calendars.

Up to that moment, in fact, there was nothing similar on the market and above all nothing of a size such as to be able to be placed easily in a safe or which could be conveniently carried while travelling. Watch winders are equipped with a high-precision micro-motor controlled by a microprocessor; they can rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise making it possible to maintain the charge of any automatic movement, with an autonomy of more than a year. All models undergo rigorous quality control, on both the finishing materials (brass, walnut, leather and silk) and the operation of the mechanical parts.
Scatola del Tempo is definitively based on an essential concept which is that none of its construction details can be left to chance, or underestimated. From the ergonomics of the housings to the choice of the best silk for linings, from the electronics to the mechanics of the watch winders, down to the details of the fasteners and external finishings of the leather, everything is handled and followed for every single piece with the maximum attention and commitment.