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Gobbi Creating Memories | Chiara Fornari

Describe yourself with three words. 
Ambitious, affectionate, cheerful.

How do you express yourself through your look?
I unconsciously try to never be too flashy.
I feel most at ease wearing classic clothes with simple, elegant, timeless lines.

How do you choose a watch for an everyday outfit? And for a special occasion?
I’ve always thought that watches are more important than jewelry. You need a nice watch both during the day and at night. I particularly like the contrast of a woman wearing a man’s watch.
My father has always collected watches, so I think I inherited his passion for these marvelous objects.

The spiral is a symbol of the cycle of life, expansion and development: what has been your latest important achievement? 
Besides having my third child two years ago, I launched a wonderful company called Ready2Fly that’s growing and doing well. In my life, work and family complete one another and coexist in a virtuous circle.

To whom would you give a jewel from the Fairytale collection?
To myself! I love Serena Gobbi’s Fairytale spirals and they’re even more beautiful when worn: luminous and simple yet also unusual and luxurious. These light jewels with their sinuous shapes adapt to a woman’s body and can be worn together with different colored stones.

How has Gobbi helped create an unforgettable moment? 
I immediately associate the Gobbi 1842 boutique on Corso Vittorio Emanuele with a festive moment. Up until now I’ve been fortunate enough to receive gifts from Gobbi 1842, so to me the maison primarily means joy but also expertise and professionalism. Thanks to its vast selection from which customers can choose, Gobbi 1842 ensures you’ll always find the perfect gift.

A special location in Milan? 
Piazza Sant’Alessandro, a small square that seems to take you back in time. It is named after the impressive church standing there: Sant’Alessandro in Zebedia. During the week, the church steps are always full of students who stop to chat or share their lunch with friends. It’s a corner of Milan that reminds me of Rome, where time seems to stand still.

Do you prefer Milan in the morning, afternoon or evening?
Milan in the evening, but also in the afternoon and morning: today it’s a city that offers so many things, and I love living here.