Brera is synonymous with the artistic heart of the city. In fact, as you stroll along the streets of this ancient district, you cannot help but be enchanted by its almost surreal atmosphere boasting small artisan’s workshops or quaint stores selling canvases and paints. Additionally, Brera is home to the impressive Accademia di Belle Arti, where visitors can admire Milan’s famous painting collection at the Pinacoteca (the Brera Picture Gallery), the historic Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense (Braidense National Library) , the Museo Astronomico (The Astronomical Museum), the oldest scientific research institute in the city and the Giardino Botanico (Botanical Gardens), an evocative green space located.

Framed by the imposing facades of antique and noble buildings, such as the Palazzo Cusani, Palazzo Citterio, those streets are rich with art and antique shops, local galleries, vintage shops as well as bars and nightlife venues, like the historical bar Jamaica where the artists once loved to meet.


Photo Credit to Nicolas Glauser