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Gobbi Creating Memories | Pompeo Locatelli

Describe yourself with three words.
Curious, passionate, enthusiastic.

How do you express yourself through your look?
I follow fashion like all expressions of beauty. I must say, however, that I’m not particularly fanatical about my look.
I prefer an understated, reserved style, which best suits my personality. But it isn’t overly serious; otherwise I’d betray my positive, pro-active attitude. It’s a genuine lifestyle that accompanies me every day!

How do you choose a watch for an everyday outfit? And for a special occasion?
The watch is an accessory that I love a lot, also because it reminds me of the passing time, which is a fundamental dimension of life. It is a precious, inventive object that must be treated with extreme care. Especially today, in this day of electronic devices. That’s why the choice is never trivial.
When I’m going out, I look at the weather and choose my timepiece. Or I decide what to wear for a special occasion. I must say that I adore contemporary watches.

The spiral is a symbol of the cycle of life, of expansion and development: what has been your latest important achievement?
I’ve returned to the theme of beauty. Four years ago I established a company in the artistic photography sector called Alidem – the art of photography. I have always loved and collected art, especially paintings. Over time (here’s time again!), thanks to my trips abroad where I never failed to visit museums and galleries, I realized that photography is a constantly growing phenomenon. What’s more: I believe photography will become the art form that will characterize the 21st century. I am happy to be able to translate my passion for the art of photography into a fascinating business challenge. And since my days seem to last longer than 24 hours, I am still working as a business consultant for large and small companies. I often check my watch at the end of my very long and busy day…

To whom would you give a jewel from the Fairytale collection?
To my wife! But let’s keep that a secret, otherwise … The launch of the Fairytale jewelry collection according to the personality, vision and perspective of Gobbi – a company with a long tradition of amazing results – is an example of a strong concept transformed into something beautiful. It expresses all of the lightness that is also conveyed by its delightful name. After all, Gobbi’s great heritage is an absolute guarantee of success that always arrives…punctually!

How has Gobbi 1842 helped you create an unforgettable moment?
It is difficult to mention just one. These moments mainly concern the people I love and memories that will never fade, especially anniversaries. And I am very happy to have transmitted my passion for designer watches to my family. Yes, even my children have a weakness for this wondrous accessory and, of course, for Gobbi, a place where one encounters unbelievable beauty.

Do you have a special place in Milan?
Due to my job and my love of travel, I am a citizen of the world, but my heart is in Milan, where I was born. I could never live anywhere else, even though I love Paris very much. Milan is gorgeous, but it is never presumptuous. It is a crossroads for culture and style, and it is completely European. It is the birthplace of fashion, design and food and the home of amazing architecture.
Each neighborhood offers unforgettable views. Milan is not an extroverted, outgoing city: you have to get to know it gradually, with courtesy. Then it gives you priceless emotions. It is a real gem. It could be part of the Fairytale collection!

Do you prefer Milan in the morning, afternoon or evening?
I try to experience and appreciate it each and every moment. For example, in the early morning I like to walk and see the city awaking. I try never to miss that moment. I also love to go to its bookstores, galleries and, in the evening, its theaters. I am very fond of La Scala. Ah, yes, speaking of beauty, I forgot to mention my passion for classical music. I love Milan at any hour. I love it in every season. Everyone should become more familiar with it and treat it well, as we do with the people and things we care about.