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The oscars 2018: watches and jewels are an integral part of the academy awards ceremony

Oscars Night is an unmissable event for anyone who is a fan of movies, jewelry and watches. For the 90th consecutive year, the most celebrated and popular stars of the silver screen will walk down the famous red carpet at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, showing off their precious jewelry and watches by world-renowned luxury watchmakers.

For such an important occasion, Hollywood stars are always very attentive to the smallest details of their image. This is not limited to the outfit alone, but includes everything that is worn, accessories included.

In fact, the watch is an obligatory part of every self-respecting masculine look: in addition to its original useful purpose, it helps add a touch of class and style to its wearer. For many men it is an indispensable element and true status symbol.

After all, watches are not only worn by guests at the Academy Awards: they have also been the protagonists of countless movies that have made film history.

It would be unthinkable not to mention the Tudor Heritage Chrono worn by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, the Rolex NATO strap Submariner worn by Sean Connery as 007, or the Rolex GMT Master worn by Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.

We could mention hundreds of other similar examples, but what remains is the indissoluble bond between watches and film.

And not just watches, but also earrings, necklaces and rings. Dazzling jewelry is the most precious addition to a luxurious look. For this reason, it plays a prominent role during the ceremony and, indeed, it often dominates the stage.

Haute jewelry enhances the outward appearance of a person. Consequently, Hollywood divas pay no attention to the expense when they want to wear precious stones and fine metals with a lustrous gleam and dazzling sparkle that leaves spectators around the globe breathless.

Our Fairytale collection, with the soft and sinuous shapes of the spiral, is an emblematic example of how jewelry can be combined with watchmaking and accentuate the elegance of a look.

Are you ready to enjoy the show?

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